• We’re a fee-based fiduciary financial planner.

      Our strategy for managing your money is personal, direct, and cost-efficient. Since no single portfolio strategy can guarantee the best performance, we give every portfolio the attention it needs to grow. Plus, you can consider consolidating your assets with us to drive down your fee.

    • Think long-term. Think discipline.

      Financial planning is all about staying strategic over the long haul. But many investors have trouble regulating their emotions, and risk making destructive, short-term decisions. This is where it helps to have a partner.

      We tailor our strategy to your situation, but in general follow well-researched strategies. A bias toward small-cap and value investments may increase a portfolio’s expected return over long periods of time. A disciplined asset allocation can deliver superior results across market cycles compared with tactical or dynamic allocation approaches.

      We are not aiming to outperform the stock market and take undue risk. Instead, we are aiming to compound our clients’ wealth overtime by managing their wealth responsibly and avoiding common and costly financial mistakes.

    • We believe in teamwork.

      Working with a financial advisor means you have a partner and leader when it comes to your goals, but what we really love is keeping you involved. If you ever have questions, we’re easy to reach. Same goes for when you encounter the unexpected or change your plans and priorities. And with our continuity plan, you can count on this: you’re covered now and you will be into the extended future. You’ll always know who is working on your behalf.