Sherr Financial Associates | Wealth management services in Danvers, MA

    Our Services

    Personal, direct, cost-efficient management for your financial goals.


    Retirement Planning

    Create an informed strategy to accumulate what it will take to retire the way you want.


    Estate Planning

    Manage your assets now and protect them in the event of your passing.


    Corporate Retirement Plans

    Help selecting, setting up, and managing your company’s retirement plan.


    Business Planning

    Strategies for the lifecycle of your business, including risk, distributions, and succession.


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    Who We Serve

    We serve individuals, families, and small business owners as they work towards their own version of freedom.

    I’ve got retirement
    on my mind.

    Whether you’ve got decades to go or are approaching the finish line, we can help you strategize to retire the way you want.

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    I’d like to plan ahead
    for my kids.

    Develop a plan to save for college, inheritances, and more.

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    I own a business.

    Developing a sound financial plan takes time you may not have. We can help.

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    Our Approach

    Four core values make up the pillars of our brand and business, and none are effective without the others.


    Fairness is the DNA of our business, and we were a fiduciary financial planning firm long before it was the industry norm.


    Our fee structure is designed so we will always put your best interests first.


    Achieving your financial goals is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re in it for the long haul with you.


    Leverage our knowledge and experience as you pursue your version of financial freedom.

    Our Team

    On our father-son team, you’ll find a peer whose trajectory and experience reflect your own.

    Meet Our Team

    Financial Planning Resource


    A Starter Guide to Selling Your House

    If you’re getting ready to sell your home, know the steps you need to take before finalizing the deal.

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    Solutions for Managing Student Loan Debt

    Student loan debt is a huge financial challenge for many. Learn how to implement a long-term solution for managing it.

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    Are You an Intelligent Investor?

    Discover how you can be a wiser investor with tips and strategies from the father of investing himself, Benjamin Graham.

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