Money is Like a Bar of Soap

    The more you touch it, the less you have...

    In the world of finance, saying that money is like a bar of soap seems pretty crazy at first glance, but bear with me for just a second and it might not seem so crazy after all. Just like a bar of soap gets smaller as you use it, investments tend to lose value when excessively traded or overly managed.  

    A Guide to Benefits When Changing Jobs

    If you’re changing jobs, you probably have a lot on your mind. As you wrap up work with your previous employer and prepare for your new role, it can be easy to let important benefits-related decisions fall by the wayside. If that happens, you could miss a limited opportunity to sign up for new benefits or miss out on making wise changes to your plans. To stay on track financially during a career transition, be sure to review the status of your retirement accounts and other valuable employee benefits.